Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trip to the Junkyard

  Last night, Michael, Whitmire, and myself, decided to journey out to the great state of Georgia. We had a good 75 or 80 mile ride, through some fantastic winding country roads to Calhoun, Ga, to the Junkyard Tattoo Bike Night.
I'd like to thank Kalieb Crowder, the proprietor of this fine establishment for having us over. We had a great time, met up with our good friend Ted, even had some good Mexican food at the place next door. If you're ever in Calhoun, stop by and see Kalieb.
  Now it wasn't a totally uneventful trip ( our trips never are). On our way home, the battery crapped out on ol' Rosie, so I had to ride beside Michael for about 30 miles to act as his headlight. We finally gave up just outside Summerville, and pulled in at the Hi-Tech to call for the truck. Big thanks to Scott at Abro Inkworks in Rainsville for coming to the rescue.
Till next time,

Junkyard Prprietor- Kalieb


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