Monday, November 19, 2012

Bama Swap and Drag! Better late then never..

   Ahh, it's fall again, the air is cool, the leaves are turning, and the nuts all land in Section, Alabama. Yep, the Bama Swap and Drag. Rick and Michael pulled of another great fall event. The weather was perfect, the son was shining and Duane was showing off his tattoo's. What follows is a partial photographic record of the days events. I didn't cover the nights events while camping as some things are best left in the dark.


Brent brought out his old International. His grandad bought this thing new. This was the first time it had been on the road in over thirty years. Damn cool!
You know things are really taking of when people arrive at your event in helicopters. Okay as it turns out it was just the local med flight team scopin' out the event.

My good friend Pickett brought out his new ride. He and his Pop's have been putting this beauty together for years.

Tim from La. brought up some Bad Azz artwork to sell. If I hadn't blown all my money the night before those decks would be on my wall now.

Swap meet....Duh?

This is perhaps the best van in the history of vans. What you can't see here is the pop-up on top. That's right what you've got here is an RV, Clark.

Quite the crowd turned out.

There were some serious custom choppers... 

Huge crowd for a November event in nowhere North Alabama.

Heck, we even had gassers!

And of course, Phil. He didn't just try to run me over while I was taking pictures of him. He also raced his stump jumper. Oh, and he laid it over on the track and jacked up his ankle. Hope it's healing up buddy.
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